Juste un poème n° 16



Night Ride 


Sarah Mouline


In a loud bus station

Downtown Minneapolis

I draw the white image

Of your quiet sleep.

Your alarm clock must have rung

By now

Your eyes, raven eggs blue eyes, open up and close down,

Open up and close down

Like some flowers do.

Behind my seat, a scary man

He looks at me in a way I do not like,

At all.

My hand touches your back

The whiteness of your back.

Minneapolis is beautiful at night

BMO Harris Bank

R&C Plaza

Crown Bank

It’s okay, thanks

Vote today

3rd Avenue.

I twist your curl.

The key to overnight success

The bus is slowly starting his journey.

You must have woken up

By now

I hear your shower running

You are singing, perhaps.

Saint Thomas University

Exit 236

Green, orange signs

Never ending lights

My mind wanders

Je m’endors.


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